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Harry T. Burleigh


I took daydreaming lightly until I became a junior in high school. That's when I started transforming it into an art form. Tiny scribbles in the margins of notebooks became crude and surrealistic, and played a far more significant role when I chose art for a major in college. By the way... If you think fine art is a simple or inexpensive way to get a degree, it isn't.


Although I learned a great deal socially during this time, I gained most of my creative knowledge indirectly and outside of any structured learning environment. Today, these skills, along with numerous years of experience in the film and television industries, have given me ways to expand on imagery in a very unique and exclusive way.


I don't show my work very often.  It has however, been featured online, in hardback, in Times Square, and in the tubes of London.  I also received a Grand Jury Award in SoHo.

My work is purely subjective so I won't be offended by your opinions when partaking in my process, some of which is entirely new and technically pivotal.

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